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See the radiation from mobile phones when sending emails and texts using a multimeter

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Taranaki Science & Technology Fair rules:  Robot contest construction guide here. Science Fair &  ideas for winning entries here.

ULearn 2017 research paper: Digital Technology curriculum. Michael presented convincing evidence that  a 'digital' only view is already out of date and summarises new computer technologies students need to know about for a truly future-focused curriculum.

Michael's keynote presentation at SciCon 2016:   His topic is 'Reclaiming the Maker Space for Science: Putting the science back into science education

2015 Prime Ministers Education Excellence Awards; Michael Fenton  leads the Open Polytechnic Primary Science and Mathematics teaching  team at the Open Polytecnic. Recognised for Leading Education in New Zealand

DEANZ 2014; Michael Fenton wins DEANZ Excellence Award for his contribution to eLearning in New Zealand

Fun experiments / technology  for teachers,  parents and students

This is an archive site...we hope you still find the material useful!

From 1997-2004 Michael & Christine Fenton ran New Zealand's only school-based laboratory on a voluntary basis in their "spare" time. Problem-based (active learning) science & technology research projects via a 'Make to learn' pedagogy resulted in students of all ages making original discoveries, sharing findings in journals,  professional science conferences, and on this website.

The focus on developing a true understanding of the nature of science and experiencing first-hand that developing new technology requires some science knowledge foreshadowed the Citizen Science and Maker movements. Nexus modelled many of the best practices discussed in  "Looking ahead: science education for the twenty-first century" (2011, Prime Minister's Science Advisory Committee), and "A Nation of Curious Minds: A National Strategic Plan for Science in Society" (2014)

Michael, Christine and the students reported their findings at conferences, in journals and on this website. Students also had access to a network of advisers from research and government agencies both nationally and overseas and laboratory facilities.

Dr Sir William Pickering, former head of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and widely recognised as responsible for America's success in exploring the planets, was patron of the Nexus Research Group.

Dalek painted for 2016 Fashion Show

Hands-on investigating ideas from TV and movies gets children excited about science and mathematics

Citizen science real-world realtime data collection using low-cost DIY Internet-of-things (IoT) devices

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