Protozoa in the Environment

Our resident investigator Maree Wright has been improving her skills at Photomicroscopy using a digital camera. We hope to have more images and movie clips added here soon...

Identifying Protozoa from environmental samples:

Protozoa are single celled animals. They come in many different shapes and sizes. Maree Wright has been looking at soil, pond water, anywhere she thinks there may be something interesting to discover.

Protozoa can keep you entertained for hours with their odd ways of moving around, clever means of catching food, and fascinating shapes. Maree has found some good websites so that amateur microbiologists of High School age can identify the protozoa they have isolated from soil or pond water:

A rotifer isolate by Maree Wright

Your challenge!

As an amateur microbiologist, can you identify this isolate from Maree's collection?

Visit the website links Maree has found for you:

Marine microbes by National Geographic


Pond water enriched for a few days. Surface sterilsed barley grains can be added to keep cultures for longer.

Isolate protozoa from the gut of termites!

New Zealand Microbiological Society conference, University of Auckland, 2010

 Learn about safe school microbiology experiments and take home learning resources.

Take your own photos...

Connect your own digital camera or webcam to any old microscope and see what you can capture! This technique is called Photomicroscopy and you can build your own microscope here.


The Electron Microscope

Look at these amazing electron microscope photos - the UGLIEST creature on the website is here


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