Professional Posters

If you can afford it, you might like to use PowerPoint to create an A0 size poster that is suitable not only for the National Fair but also for professional and tertiary conferences (such as the research we presented to the New Zealand Microbiological Society).

For your own A0 size poster (128Kb) CLICK HERE

Just add your own background photo, follow the advice included on the template and your done!

Take the file to a printer and walk out with a professional looking and easy to erect poster display!


The poster below has been resized for the web so has lost clarity and resolution. It may take 30 seconds to download on a 56K modem....

Download this poster

In 2002 one of our Nexus physics projects won the Best in Fair prize at the NZMP Taranaki Science and Technology Fair. Jithan Varma travelled to Auckland to represent our region at the National Fair with the poster above.

The Smart Mouse poster seen here at the Taranaki Science Fair was quite different!

Ideas for projects

Winning projects details


Fonterra Taranaki Science Fair rules and projects

Create professional looking posters - download our winning project poster as an example; very cool...

Planning and carrying out a Science Fair project

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