Science Fair Ideas - Earth & Space

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Investigations / Projects (Intermediate to Senior entries)

  • Are snowflakes all the same?
  • Why is the sky a different colour at different times of the day?
  • Study and record how clouds relate to weather patterns. 
  • Build a simple data logger for science and maths classes.
  • Build sensors for your science experiments.
  • Does wind travel at same speeds and in same directions at different heights? 
  • Measure the speed and force of raindrops when it rains
  • Connect a Casio graphics calculator to a simple data logger for science and maths classes.
  • Which factors affect the rate of evaporation the most? Temperature, humidity, wind speed or other factors? 
  • Does fresh water hold heat from the Sun longer than salt water?
  • How does water temperature compare to land temperature at different times of the day?
  • Turn a digital multimeter into a data logger...use weather sensors, UV sensors, humidity, etc.
  • What affect do different surfaces have on the amount of sunlight reflected and absorbed?
  • Design a method of measuring how much sunshine is available each day.  Perhaps a good PICAXE project?
  • Design and build an automatic recording weather device. Test it over a period of time. Perhaps a good PICAXE project?
  • Design and build a refracting or reflecting telescope. See our Sun Gun.
  • Build a model solar system with levitating planets
  • Lunar Lander game - Johnny Astro remake uses nothing but air to steer a spaceship to safety
  • Collect micro-meteorites
  • Collect fossils and identify them. Work out the recent geological history of your area.
  • Observations of experimentally induced seismic waves. 
  • Is there a relationship between the Lunar cycle and Earthquakes?
  • Explore methods of controlling erosion 
  • Energy conservation pilot project
  • Observations of local anomalies in the earth's magnetic field 
  • A study of phosphorescence as a tool for geologists 
  • Build a colony of simple robots to see if a colony of swarm robots can explore terrain better than one large 'rover' robot
  • Comparison of the load bearing strength for different soils 
  • Study of air tides: phases of the moon versus barometric pressure 
  • Effects of weather on human emotions 
  • Study of the relation between wind direction and temperature inversions 
  • A study of small scale wind currents around school buildings (where does the litter build up?)
  • Launch a rocket with sensors to gather data from high altitudes.

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