Science Fair Ideas - Biology

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Investigations / Projects (Intermediate to Senior entries)

  • Gardasil / Human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine - facts and fallacies surrounding immunisation debates
  • Insects such as bees and butterflies. Observations on life cycle, feeding habitats, populations.
  • Affect of fertlilser on plants
  • How safe are school lunches? - how hot does your lunch box get?
  • Heart beat sensor - make one using light
  • Carniverous plants - how they trap insects and digest them
  • Turn a digital multimeter into a data logger...use temperature sensors, touch sensors, humidity, etc.
  • Why plants grow towards light
  • The effect of light intensity on plant growth
  • Build a simple data logger for science and maths classes.
  • Build sensors for your science experiments.
  • The effect of sound on plants (at different frequencies?)
  • The effect of carbon dioxide levels on plant growth
  • Connect a Casio graphics calculator to a simple data logger for science and maths classes.
  • The effects of gravity on seed germination
  • Transpiration and how water moves through the plant
  • Plant reproduction - sexual and asexual
  • The effect of different colours of artificial light on plant growth 
  • Do mobile phones affect plant growth? Build a cell or mobile phone signal detector
  • Hydroponics experiments
  • Crime Scene Investigation our award winning CSI course requires some applications of biology
  • The effectiveness of Antiseptics and soaps on household bacteria 
  • Conditions necessary for the life of a brine shrimp 
  • Conditions for optimal edible mushroom production
  • Nitrogen fixation in clover seedlings with and without symbiotic Rhizobium bacteria
  • Presence and distribution of Caulobacter in waterways and drinking supplies
  • Field Studies - plant and animal life in the school grounds, a creek or stream, a grassy field, a tree, a home garden, a balanced aquarium, during winter. - diets of various animals 
  • A chemical analysis of the extraction and make up of DNA
  • Experimenting with various biomolecule separation techniques (e.g. electrophoresis) 
  • Factors affecting the production of alcohol during anaerobic fermentation
  • The effect of alcohol on proteins and cell function
  • Effect and toxicity of alcohol on living systems (Humans)
  • Producing mutations in bacteria, yeast, protozoa or molds 
  • Experimenting with microbial degradation of petroleum 
  • Isolation of luminescent Photobacterium from seawater
  • Reaction of Paramecium to pH variations, light and temperature conditions 
  • Sugar level in plant sap at different times and dates 
  • A study of territoriality in mice 
  • Studies of memory span and memory retention 
  • Age versus learning ability 
  • Observation of conditioned responses in different animals 
  • Design and test a simple datalogging device for biology experiments.  Perhaps a good PICAXE project?
  • Photograph images from a microscope
  • A study of the relation between physical exercise and learning ability 
  • A study of the percentage of DNA (by weight) in different species 
  • Factors affecting the enzyme's reaction rates 
  • Effects of cigarette smoke on the growth of plants 
  • The effects of phosphates on aquatic plants 
  • A study of the tumours produced in plants by Agrobacterium tumifaciens and similarities to root nodule formation in clover by Rhizobium
  • The effects of electric fields on plant root cell mitosis
  • The effects of magnetic fields on plant growth 
  • The effects of X-ray and other radiation on plants 
  • Study of population fluctuations in insects 
  • Build a colony of simple robots to study emergent behaviour from simple reflexes
  • A study of toxicity of insecticides versus temperature 
  • A study of diffusion through cell membranes 
  • Growth of plant and animal cells by cloning or tissue cell culture

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