Science Fair Ideas - Physics

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Investigations / Projects (Intermediate to Senior entries)

  • A simple air track - for frictionless collision experiments!
  • Build a simple data logger for science and maths classes.
  • Build sensors for your science experiments.
  • Air craft flight and wing shape
  • Do metals conduct heat equally well?
  • Connect a Casio graphics calculator to a simple data logger for science and maths classes.
  • How does energy travel from one place to another?
  • How do magnets work? How are they made? 
  • How do rainbows form?
  • Can eggs withstand a greater force from one direction than from others?
  • How strong are nylon fishing lines? 
  • How strong are plastic wraps? 
  • How safe are school lunches? - how hot does your lunch box get?
  • Which type of light bulb produces the most light? 
  • Turn a digital multimeter into a data logger...use radiation sensors, magnetic sensors, humidity, etc.
  • Musical instruments and the scientific principles behind them 
  • Light reflection and refraction.
  • How do prisms work?
  • Design and build a microscope. See our winning microscope design here.
  • Do all objects fall at the same speed?
  • Compare various fuels and the energy produced
  • Cuckoo clocks - how can a period of the pendulum be increased to keep time accurately? 
  • What is air pressure? What is water pressure and its use in rockets?
  • How do gears make work easier
  • Build an efficient solar furnace 
  • How do different kinds of lenses bend light?
  • How can the intesity of light be measured?
  • Which materials can be charged with static electricity? 
  • Which battery lasts the longest?
  • What affects the pitch and volume of sound?
  • Heart beat sensor - make one using light
  • How would you measure the velocity of sound? 
  • The principles and factors effecting the efficiency of electric motors
  • Factors affecting voltage, amperage, and resistance in electric circuits?
  • How does Radio work?
  • Build a cell or mobile phone signal detector
  • Design and build an automatic recording weather device. Test it over a period of time. Perhaps a good PICAXE project?
  • Design and build a refracting or reflecting telescope. See our Sun Gun.
  • Build a model solar system with levitating planets
  • Lunar Lander game - Johnny Astro remake; use nothing but air to steer a spaceship to safety
  • Heat transfer; convection, radiation and conduction
  • Stopping heat loss with insulation
  • A heat sensitive teddy bear temperature indicator.
  • Renewable energy
  • Design and construct a solar panel
  • Bike Indicator - A put a computer chip on your bike
  • Design an energy efficient home
  • Energy and energy conservation pilot project
  • Determine the accuracy of various thermometers.  Perhaps a good PICAXE project?
  • How much heat is required to raise the temperature of various substances by an equal amount? 
  • Experimental exploration of the photoelectric effect 
  • Experimenting with electron diffraction 
  • Test the forces and energy changes at work in a Mission:Impossible stunt
  • Observations of magnetic permeability of different materials 
  • Seeing magnetism in a bottle reveal the invisible "strings" that pull magnets together!
  • A study of radiation patterns from different antenna types 
  • Index of refraction of liquids versus temperature 
  • Index of refraction of liquids versus amount of additive 
  • How is a speaker similar to a motor?
  • Factors affecting sound propagation 
  • Factors affecting sound dampening 
  • Crime Scene Investigation our award winning CSI course requires some applications of physics
  • A study of infrared qualities of certain solutions.  Perhaps a good PICAXE project? 
  • Laser Wars! - Play a combat game in broad daylight instead of in the dark! See the Terminator!
  • Observational orbit determination of comets, meteors or other minor planets 
  • The effect of solar activity on radio propagation 
  • The identification of elements in the solar and stellar spectra 

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