Science Fair Project Titles

A child centred and safe garden

A child safe garden

A circuitry

A milky matter

A.S. Wheat slippers

Absorbancy of handy towels

Acid or alkaline

Acid rain

Acid rains effect on plants

Acidic or alkaline ?

Acids & Alkalines

An LED circuit

An observational drawing of a snail

Analysis of aspirin tablets

And the freshest flower is…

Arabic Volute

Baby octopus

Bacteria in water

Bacterial content of milk

Bags of Physics

Battery vs battery

Bean growth in manure

Bean there, done that

Bertrand Rd bridge

Bird bath and feeder

Bird house developments

Bird house feeder

Bits and Bolts

Boiling water



Breeding mice

Brother's wheelchair


Bugs, bugs, bugs

Butresses on old church

Caffeine containing substances

Calf Carrier

Can you live on peanuts ?

Can your timber take the pressure?

Cardboard display

Carribean land crab

Cats purrfur…

Cattle ramp

CD player chip board

CD Rom interface port

Centre City structure

Channelled Conch

Chewing gum

Chicken incubator

Childs garden

Chloride levels in seawater

Chlorides in seawater

Chlorine levels of swimming pools


Circuit Diagram

Climbing post

Coke ……a safe drink ?

Common garden snail

Common pathogens found in the typical kitchen situation

Copper crystals

Corrosive acids

Crushes cans


Degradation of the Punawhakakau Stream

Devine Doggie Dinners

Diabetes-can it be prevented if hereditary or self causes?

Diet food or not?

Digging the Dirt on Taranaki's Dirt

Do apples ripen fruit quicker than normal ?

Do different waters affect the way grass grows?

Do non stick frypans really work?

Do rabbits learn?

Does fruit last longer, in or out of the fridge ?

Does sight influence taste ?

Does soil ph affect plant growth?

Does the flavour of hubba bubba affect the stretchiness ?

Does your milk taste nice ?

Downs Syndrome ! Understanding the gift of life

Drawing of a Cooks Turban shell

Drips drop of glasses

Dye and die

Earth houses

East End bridge

Edible electricity

Edible paper

Edisons light bulb

Elephant structure

Entrance & a frame support structure

Ernest Rutherford


Evaporation of liquid substances

Experiments with milk

Exploration lava

F T's famous flavoured toothpicks

Fast fats

Fat content in chips

Fat content of chips


Fertilize for growth

Fingerprinting methods and surfaces



First impressions

Flower power

Flower power

Food fat

Foot and mouth disease

Freshness of bread


Frictionless bearings

Froth, froth and more froth

Fruit acid

Fruity electricity

Fuel for the future

Garden tool

Gentle giant

Getting into hot water

Golf investigation


Growing sweatpea in different soils

Guinea pig food survey

H2O ph what

Halt! Identify Yourself.

Heat recovery unit

Heated paper

Hot water bottle investigation

How do different types of wood react to fire?

How do you process crude oil ?

How does carpet burn?

How does pH affect soil ?

How healthy is it?

How long does it take for an apple to go brown?

How loud ?

How much acid is present in fruit juice

How much added sugar ?

How Much Energy

How much energy drink do I need ?

How much rainfall ?

How much vitamin C?

How strong are shopping bags ?

How to stop pig tailed standards tangling on the motorbike


If it fries then you die !

Igneoue rocks

Insect trap

Insect trap


Iron in foods

Iron man cereal

Is an electromagnet stronger than an ordinary magnet ?

Is the 12th planet real or just a myth?

Is the grass really greener on the other side of the fence ?

Is whole or powdered goats milk the best?

Is your toothpaste doing it's job ?

It grows!

Jambe ( legs )

Kaylilpat, possum trap

Keeping high somatic cell count milk

Kinetic energy

Kiwi paua

Large ostrich foot shell - Totorere

Lead levels in the environment

LED circuit

Lemonade surprise

Len Lye's Love


Light bulbs

Light deprivation when growing beans

Light tower

Light up your life

Lighting circuit

Lighting circuit

Lighting circuit

Limax campestris

Litter Control

Locking bass guitar tuners

Looking up on a power pylon



Mapping the maze

Milk chocolate M & M's

Molecules in action.

Mouldy spreads

Muffin experiment

Mung Beans

Nest and bridge

Neutralisation of amines

Nuts or Moozlee

Obsrvational drawing of a mollusc

Optical illusions

Organic fertiliser

Organic fertilisers

Organic, environmentally friendly pesticides

Over the hangover

Paper, planes, flight distance and times

Percentage of chloride in sea water

Pest repellant

Plabt growth

Plant tropism


Potato gardening

Powder Power ( Which one works best )

Quick plants

Quick wrapper

Radish seeds grow better in different conditions


Railway light

Recovery time of horses heartbeat

Red wine vs laundry products

Reducing cheese mould

Regular or decaf?

River flows

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling On

Roof supports

Rooting to grow

Rusted scrubbers

Rusty nails

Safety with tools

Salt Plants

Sand snail



Scollop bed


Seeing which car has the best aerodynamics


Slimey things

Smoking lung


Soap and your skin

Soap efficiency

Soap saver

Sodium chloride level in chips

Solar power cooker

Somatic cells in milk

Sore apples


Speed test

Staying Power- Lipstick v Gloss

Steps and stuff

Strength of glue

Structure of a house

Sugar content in softdrinks

Sugar in energy drinks


Surf wax

Suspension bridge

Swamp Master

Taranaki Cool Store's Support Pillars

Testing for glucose

Testing the 5 senses using fruit

The  handiest handy towel

The best paper

The best way to store bread

The big burnout

The cheese that grew fluff

The effect of acid rain on bean plants

The evolution of Pokeman characters

The life of 75 Watt bulbs

The long jetty

The magnificent paper holder plus food tray

The mind of my cat

The old and the new bridge

The power of pollutants

The Purrfect Cat Food

The Rosswell incident

The strongest glue

The toothpaste test

The train bridge

Thicker this or thicker that?


This is a support structure

Tick! Tock!

Todd and Carter arch

Toilet power

Train bridge

Tree hollow

Tree roots and butresses

Tunnel under earth

Under construction


Upgrading the wind tunnel

Urenui sea wall

Velvet blue crab


Vitamin C in orange juices


Warmth and drying properties of different fabrics

Water evaporation

Water filtration

Water, dye and white flowers

Watts a lightbulb?

Weed killers

What bubble bath makes the biggest bubbles?

What carpet stain remover works best?

What conditions does mould grow best on bread and milk

What cooked chips contain the most fat and oil?

What freezes fastest?

What grows mould the fastest on jelly ?

What is the best shape for a parachute ?

What keeps flowers the freshest?

What materials conduct electricity?

What materials dissolve in different liquids the fastest?

What potato chips have the most fat?

What shampoo has less Ph levels?

What type of timber contains the most heat energy ?

Whatever the weather

Whats the best fabric ?

Where have you been?

Which  antiseptic wash is most effective?

Which antacid neutralises acids best ?

Which batteries last longer

Which battery ?

Which candle burns faster- inside or outside?

Which elements are needed for coprosmas to grow ?

Which fabric burns the fastest ?

Which fabric dries the fastest and where

Which fabric is most suitable for a soccer shirt ?

Which fabric is the safest?

Which fertiliser is best?

Which fizzy drink brand has the long lasting fizz?

Which food substance cleans coins the best ?

Which heats faster?

Which is the most absorbent paper towel ?

Which laundry powder cleans stains the best?

Which lollies attracts the most ants ?

Which material burns fastest?

Which nails rust in what substances in different temperatures?

Which plasters are better ?    Cheap ones or expensive ones ?

Which soils do plants grow best in ?

Which supermarket plastic bag is the most durable?

Why is the grass always greener on the other side?>

Why recycle ?

Will baking soda improve performance?

Will grass grow when watered with different liquids ?

Wind wand base

Windy Wandy

Wine acidity in relation to the colour of grapes

Wood and Glue Stress

Words and warm hands

Worm farm

Worm farms

X T Bash ( Times tables Bash )

Zapping bacteria

Zippity Doo Daa

Ideas for projects

Winning projects details

Taranaki Science Fair rules and projects

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Planning and carrying out a Science Fair project


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