Make a data logger from a Casio graphics calculator

Turn that common classroom calculator into a data logger for use in Science and Mathematics!

Casio fx-9750g connected to a picaxe chip


Most New Zealand High Schools permit students to use Casio FX9750g graphic calculators in mathematics. The calculators become a data logger if connected to a PICAXE microcontroller chip. Imagine the uses in junior Science, senior Biology, Chemistry and Physics!

Download Michael's manual that includes the Casio communications protocol here ... Casio_Picaxe_manual.doc.

This will interest teachers following the Mobile Technologies in Science (MOTIS) and Computer Algebraic Systems (CAS) research.

CASI robot: an autonomous Mars Rover type vehicle that can also be controlled by the arrow keys on the Casio...

CASI ... the Casio calculator controlled Mars Rover model

" The robot was put together from bits in the shed, an old tamiya bulldozer kit (10+ years old, hand held wire linked remote), chasis modified to RF control and fitted with a dual motor gearbox and I put in a L293D motor controller. The cover is a piece of plastic box downpipe as the picture shows. The Casio sends a keycode to the attached picaxe RF transmitter, the robot just responds accordingly with its picaxe RF receiver. Nothing special so didn't take long to make.

I added a SRF05 from one of my prototpye physics sensor units to the robot so it can't be driven on purpose into obstacles. Robots are dumb but they don't have to be stupid! It will explore the room if it hasn't heard from the Casio in a while. My Calculus class is using robotics as a context for a particular part of their course this term so wondered if I could throw something together for them to use next week. It is very stable climbing over feet, books and marker pens. We'll use CASI to make some calculations and have some fun as well! "

 What next?

Michael was awarded an eLearning Fellowship for 2008 to continue his work with mobile sensor technology and interactive games. He has developed lesson plans and experiments for the Casio / PICAXE unit suitable for Science and Mathematics.

So far Michael has used sensors of his own design successfully with the Casio and PICAXE system including

  • light
  • motion (distance and velocity)
  • temperature

Data stored in LIST1 and LIST2 can be analysed using the STATS functions and a best fit curve chosen to determine the relationship between variables.

More information will be added such as lesson plans and experiments for the Casio/PICAXE unit suitable for Science and Mathematics.

A home made air track wins first place at the science fair


 a 08M picaxe sends data to a casio graphics calculator


Graph of data sent from 08M picaxe to a casio graphic calculator

Casio graphic calculators display data from a picaxe data logger.

Texas instruments (eg, TI-83) graphic calculators can also be linked to a picaxe data logger...


Find out more

  1. Casio communications protocol - communicate with a PICAXE chip
  2. Simple sensors - read our Sensors from voltage dividers article so your robot can sense the outside world



RIGEL - Real-world interactive games and electronics link. A SMARTboard capable interactive real-world game interface, datalogger and proces control system. Suitable for teaching, research and industrial applications.

sensing spark plug firing using a field sensor


Turn that common multimeter into a data logger in science and maths

Using a multimeter as a substitute for a data logger


Build your own SuperMouse Datalogger Use a computer mouse as a data logger

Use your mouse as a data logger



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