Classroom sound indicator

Scientist and TV show co-host

Jamie was co-host of the Science Fair TV programme and explained in detail how her classroom noise level indicator/alarm system works.

She was too young to enter this project in the 2003 Bright Sparks Hi-Tech competition...a shame since her teacher has loved using it in class.



I have created a device designed to help people such as teachers or librarians to monitor noise levels.

At Bell Block school there is a 'traffic light' sound system. My innovation mimics this system. When the teacher requires the class to be silent, she puts up the red light. When she requires the class to whisper, she puts up the orange light. When there is a fun activity, she puts up the green light. So, students can know what noise levels are expected. I decided to take this one step further and make it electronic where it can sense the noise level and warn the class by beeping when it is too high for the set level.

It is efficient as a teaching tool because it helps the teacher to know when the classroom gets too noisy. A remote control is used to save the teacher having to get up from their desk all the time. It is versatile and an excellent teachers tool and could be used in any school classroom.


Read how this device is helping children in childcare


Results and Discussion

My sound sensor is useful in the classroom because the teacher can monitor the sound out of the classroom. The class is also alerted when the noise level is too high by the beeper. When the teacher sets the noise level on the traffic lights (red: quiet, amber: whisper, green: noisy) the beeper will beep if the class exceeds the set sound level.

My teacher has used this in our class since the Science Fair in August and thinks all teachers should have one.


Thank you Mummy for helping me with the writing and thank you Daddy for helping me with the project.



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  3. Read how this device is helping children in childcare

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